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    Problem-solving is one of those things that separate people. You have the people who problem solve and the people who look outward to have their problems solved for them. In business, you either want to hire problem solvers or you want to help your employees develop the competence and trust to become them. For Joshua ...
    For sales professionals, the traditional sales approach no longer cuts it. According to HBR, 90% of decision makers say they never respond to cold outreach, whether it’s cold calls or cold emails. Harvesting numbers and emails is officially a tried and failed business model. The problem, of course, is that our inboxes are overflowing. The ...
    On November 7th, 2019, the Association of Women in the Metal Industries (AWMI) gathered in San Antonio, Texas for their Annual Conference where they honored Kloeckner Metals’ Manager of Automotive Business Development, Kelly Jones, as AWMI 2018 Member of the Year. Jones has been a member of AWMI for 12 years. In that time, she has held ...
    Kloeckner Metals Corporation leads the metals industry toward Industry 4.0 by taking a phased approach to digitalization. The U.S. economy is thriving, and the global metals industry is growing by 2.7-3.4% year over year. Existing companies are reopening shuttered mills, expanding current plants, and building new ones, while new companies are entering the industry. As ...
    Even the most well-trained, safety-conscious professional truck driver is at risk of getting into an accident on occasion. Weather conditions or road conditions change and driving for a long period of time has great risk factors. In 2017, according to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, 4,657 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes, ...
    Innovation teams. Corporate accelerators. The list goes on. For many companies, making inroads into digital transformation is too big a project to tackle. They may not have the resources to build a team exclusively dedicated to innovation, or their own accelerator. But, the cost of not doing anything at all is simply too high. Companies ...
    Jamie Pfleger
    Embracing every opportunity and not being afraid to make decisions is the best way to climb the career ladder – that’s the motto that has guided Jamie Pfleger, Director of PVD at Kloeckner Metals Corporation, through her professional life. During her 39 years in the business, she has learned that promoting oneself is vital to ...
    . To become innovative, companies need the right mix of people at different levels, disciplines, and functions, not only on the digital innovation teams themselves, but also in the departments that interface with them and the executive roles that set the corporate strategy. Corporate innovation requires a synthesis of communicators, technologists, and strategists that will ...
    Any manager knows team building is complex, but building a digital innovation team in established industries and organizations is especially challenging thanks to legacy constraints, situational circumstances, and complex aspirational goals. This is why so many corporates, and manufacturers especially, look at startups with a kind of longing – it’s a lot easier when you’re ...

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